27 thoughts on “Jocko Podcast 1: Jocko & Echo (Discipline, Ownership)”

  1. Great insight into the mind of Jocko… and EchoCharlie. Good job on getting the podcast rolled out. Looking forward to the next one.

  2. Well done. I drive 2-3 hrs per day and listen to Tim a F nd Joe R all the time …..looking forward to adding your p-cast to my list.

  3. So glad ya did it! Will be tuned it for sure. I think you’re doing more for us veterans than you even realize. Thank U & Semper Fi!

  4. Awesome podcast! Thanks for sharing great info. Next step I’d suggest: a consistent day we could tune in weekly/bi-weekly for new content?

  5. JOCKO! I’m one of those that jumped down the social media channel to connect with you post-Ferriss interview. Thanks for engaging. STOKED that you are branching out with more content to the world with this podcast. “Lessons Learned” is a great, big theme that you can no doubt add to the big human conversation. Already have. Glad you’re in. KEEP GOING. Best, -jeff.

  6. I would like to thank you for your service as my mother and I volunteer and help out all Veteran’s @ WoundedWarrior’sProject.org plus Donor’sChoose.org. I am extremely appreciative and so glad to hear you have this wonderful book out and you are very passionate about this Amazing Podcast!

  7. Upload all your podcasts to stitcher. That’s what the majority of people with Android phones use and keep pumping these fucking things out! Thank you for your service, mad love from Canada.

  8. Great job! Loved it! You have inspired me to take my life up a notch all across the board. Just wondering if you in jiu jitsu practice the old school self defence techniques or mix it more with modern mma style of jiu jitsu?

  9. Jocko and Echo Charlie,
    Great job and thanks for the hard work in making the first podcast. This one definitely took off in full afterburner. Thank you for making the interwebs and world a better place. Looking foward to future episodes.

  10. I’m looking forward to this. Just turned on the first. I was in the Navy myself. One of my co-workers was incredibly motivated and driven. So much so, that at the time it was very frustrating to me; he put his needs and desires above those of the job, and he was often difficult to work with. Pure epitome of alpha male.

    Like I said, at the time, he frustrated me, but on reflection, so much of the person he was, is now the driving force behind my motivation today.

    For example, we had one specific exchange that changed the rest of my life. He said to me, you know what the difference between me and you is? My natural state is movement, and yours is sedentary. This exchange took place on a Navy DDG in the South China Sea. That same day was the first time I had a recreational workout since I was a teenager. I don’t know why that exchange had such an impact on me, but it did. Here I am, 5 years later, 31 years old, in the best shape of my life. I want to run my first marathon and hit my first 5 plate deadlift in 2016.

    This co-worker eventually revealed to me that his true driving force was to be a SEAL. He had so much drive and focus that I can’t imagine anything would stop him. He was more physically fit and had more mental toughness than any other person I’ve ever met. I ask myself every day if I’m doing the things I need to do to achieve my goals, and that discussion leads to asking myself, would he be doing more? The answer is always yes and it forces me to realize the potential is higher.

    That little story is why I’m so interested in the insight from a Navy SEAL. I hope your podcast gets the following it deserves.

  11. Great Podcast really liked the discussion that was going on here!! Will be coming back for more that’s for sure keep up the good work!!

  12. Great podcast thanks echo & jocko, I just stumbled across this a couple of week’s ago & for me it’s great to hear a lot of the same things floating around my head in a simple & executable way.

  13. I just came across this and loved it. We all need dicisipline in our lives. I spent 22 years as a paramedic and now I am a nursing student. It takes a lot of dicisipline to make things work with family, kids, and work. Looking forward to more of your podcasts, when study time allows for it anyway. Thank you for your service to our great country, sir.

  14. Great examples of lessons learned. Ego example was incredible. I have been guilty time after time of similar events. This will definitely help me. I just wished I heard it 25 years ago.

  15. Identifying jealousy in the guise of ego was eye-opening, as I’ve been in that scenario a time or two. Important lesson, hilarious delivery, thank you!

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