Jocko Podcast 2: Jocko & Echo (“About Face”, Mental Toughness, NewYears Resolutions?)

0:00:00 – 1:01:00 – “About Face” (David Hackworth) Book Analysis and Relevance.

1:01:00 – 2:02:25 – Internet Questions on Mental Toughness, Balance, and New Years Resolutions.


8 thoughts on “Jocko Podcast 2: Jocko & Echo (“About Face”, Mental Toughness, NewYears Resolutions?)”

  1. Enjoyed this one even more! I think you guys found your rhythm and Jocko’s passion about subject matter really shined through. Highly engaging! Can’t wait for the next one.

  2. The podcasts are awesome! Thanks Jocko and Echo.

    I wanted to post my thoughts concerning something that Echo spoke on. Often, I hear people speak of removing the “losers” and people that discourage from our lives. To me, this seems a little selfish and it seems to step away from the idea of ownership. In essence, we are saying, “it’s your fault that I’m not succeeding, so I can’t be around you anymore and be a good friend/family member.” In these situations, we need to see ourselves as leaders and inspirations to our friends and family instead of abandon them. We should let their words of discouragement become words that encourage us so we can prove to them and to ourselves that success can be achieved.
    However, I do believe in the importance of finding good mentors from whom we can learn (IE: this podcast!). The influence of a good mentor can be so power in helping us achieve our goals.

    Anyway, my two cents. Thanks again Jocko and Echo for these great podcasts.

    Jocko – Do you ever do any speaking events? Do you have any interest in speaking to a young adult religious group in San Diego about ownership, goals, and leadership?

  3. First off I want to say that it is rare that I take the time or care to comment on anything on the interwebs. Second thank you for your service and stepping out of your comfort zone to do these podcasts. Out of the six this one is by far my favorite especially when yourself and Echo touch on social media and people posting pictures of (themselves, food, at gym, location, etc). How it screams me…Me….ME I thought it was hilarious because you guys were right on. Great podcasts very genuine (two thumbs up)

  4. Just came across these pod casts (Nov 2017) and decided to go back to the first one and listen while going about my day. Great life lessons, especially from podcast 2. Thumbs up and I appreciate the “service” rather than arrogance attitude to leadership, as well as discipline being the foundation of success.

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