Jocko Podcast 3: Jocko & Echo (The Last Hundred Yards [book], Jiu Jitsu, Bosses, Failure)

0:00:00 – 1:09:19  >  “The Last Hundred Yards” Book concepts review and relevance.

1:09:19 – 1:48:24  >  Internet Questions and concepts.   Jiu Jitsu: Gi?  Or No Gi?  Micromanagers?  Friends and Family?  Inept Bosses?  Failure and how to deal with it.



5 thoughts on “Jocko Podcast 3: Jocko & Echo (The Last Hundred Yards [book], Jiu Jitsu, Bosses, Failure)”

  1. I love the final thoughts you had on your response to setbacks. “Good.” I’ve absolutely adopted this as my default response to everything. So simple, yet so unquestionably effective. Thank you for the inspiration guys. Keep it up, you rock.

  2. The conversation around being flexible in thinking and action aligns well with the Bruce Lee ethos of ‘being like water’, i.e. the ability to adapt to the situation at hand. Bruce Lee’s style was ‘no style’. In this way not only can he adapt to his opponents but also his opponents will not know what to expect.

  3. im going back and relistening to each episode… you can never get enough Jocko…and i realised i have used your “good” trick before. when i was fighting my albeit breif but furious MMA adventures… i was often the smaller fighter. guys at the gym would say “oh man so your not cutting any weight huh? he gunna have a few kgs on you then” and id respond “good, let him cut the weight and stress his body out while sit here fancy free feeling great”. when my family would try and talk me out of fighting not so subltey by asking “what about your heart mate isnt that gunna be dangerous?” ( i had two open heart surgeries as a kid..fair to say cardio wasnt my strong suit) id reply “oh so this will be harder for me? this will be a tougher test for me than it will him? Good.. its gunna mean far more when i win then.”
    now. the whole thing isnt a disney movie. i ended up with a record of 3-5. infact i lost my first 3 pro fights badly gassing in each one before i adjusted my approach. BUT i learnt the value and importence of positive self talk… amoung many other things lol..and i pass these lessons onto my students today. I have also become a far better leader and coach since following Jocko.

    just felt like sharing this. GOOD.

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