Jocko Podcast 7: Where Does Discipline Come From? Project Jaffna, Gains, & BJJ


Project Jaffna (Book).  Internet questions:  Gains While Getting Older, BJJ Partners, Where Does Discipline Come From?

2 thoughts on “Jocko Podcast 7: Where Does Discipline Come From? Project Jaffna, Gains, & BJJ”

  1. Jocko, thank you for doing what you do. By tuning and listening to your words and thoughts on discipline, mind control, war stories and tactics, I’ve started to take care of the little things. Bigger things are starting to fall into place.
    My mountain is chemistry at the graduate level. It’s not hard once I’m in it, but I notice I find every little excuse to avoid until I’m acting under pressure; and the results are never as good. Since listening, I’ve started to put my phone down more. Get better results. Be on the offensive, even with finances. I am proud.
    I suppose I could ask all these little questions, how can I do this or that, but for now – I have an overwhelming feeling, that they will fall into place. Nothing individual comes to mind.
    Ah, except one thing. I have 3 pops, resulting in two surgeries and an injury that cannot be surgically rectified in my right knee. Daily pain inspires fear in me, and it feels insurmountable to return to martial arts, Jiu Jitsu, and even certain realms of my self confidence. It seems, that no one understands the depth of my predicament. Could you comment, please?
    Thank you.

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