Jocko Podcast 10: Police, Cussing, and STRESS–Deal with It, USE IT


0:00:00 – 1:02:02 – Book Review: “With the Old Breed,” by Eugene Sledge

1:04:04 – How do you balance Extreme Ownership with holding others accountable?

1:15:41 – What are the best ways a Police Officer can mentally condition themselves for unpredictable violence and confrontation?

1:34:39 – What martial art should I put my kids in?

1:42:14 – How to overcome friction as the new leader in a new organization.

1:51:05 – How to learn/practice detachment in real time.

2:00:27 – Cussing and Foul Language?

2:14:35 – Dealing with situational stress in life.

5 thoughts on “Jocko Podcast 10: Police, Cussing, and STRESS–Deal with It, USE IT”

  1. Jocko,
    I wanted to thank you first for being an outstanding leader and also for your awesome podcast! I just ordered your book. I have no military background and through your podcasts, my eyes have been open to some of the gruesome realities of war. Your insights regarding war and its impact are profound. I am a psychologist and work significantly medically ill patients. They are often struggling to fight for their lives. With your podcast, I have gained considerable awareness in the application of war strategies and leadership not only in helping to lead my clients through their battles, but also in transferring this to my own personal goals. Your discussions with Echo also serve as reminders to harness my own self-discipline. Warm regards, I sincerely thank you!

  2. Dear Jocko,

    I trembled in my soul when you were reading from “The Old Breed” and the description of the beach assault. You enabled me to “see” what was happening and “be” there with Eugene Sledge as he bravely engaged. Nothing can compare to actually being there, but you really do a great service by bringing it as close to reality as possible. As a younger Marine veteran, I can only imagine what my Marine brothers experienced.

    Thank you for being you and your awesome podcast.

  3. Jocko,

    I’ve been listening to each of your podcasts one by one. While I was listening to this one I paused and Googled “World War 1 Shell Shock.” Absolutely incredible. Thanks for enlightening me.

  4. This is the absolute best discussion of accountability I have ever heard. It is a blunt instrument that too many think is the answer to all of their problems. Thanks for setting the record straight.

  5. Jocko,

    I don’t hear you discuss firearms much (in terms of personal preferences or private possession). Two questions:

    1) Is it because California has relatively restrictive gun laws; and
    2) In terms of home protection handguns do you prefer Sig or Glock (or something else) As an aside, your thoughts about SEALS switching from the Sig 226 to the Glock 19?

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