Jocko Podcast 12: What Made Jocko, When to Quit, Mistakes & Trust, Fitness for Military, Switching On & Off


0:00:00 – 0:04:03 – What made Jocko Jocko

0:04:03 – “The Forgotten Highlander” Book review

1:04:33 – Jocko won’t complain about anything ever again.

1:11:49 – Mistakes by Leaders and re-gaining trust.

1:19:43 – Workouts for Special Forces selection.

1:26:32 – Is the Military a “Young Man’s Game”?

1:31:55 – When to cut your losses.  When to decide to cut bait.

1:43:03 – Substituting anger for aggression.

2:04:00 – Switching BEAST MODE on and off.

3 thoughts on “Jocko Podcast 12: What Made Jocko, When to Quit, Mistakes & Trust, Fitness for Military, Switching On & Off”

  1. Chills. Riveted. For the entire excerpted book. Thank you. I’ve seen the movie—and had no idea about the real story. Every single person who’s asked me how I’m doing today, I’ve responded “Fine, thank you. When you’re listening to an extraordinary story about evil and one man’s triumph of the soul…how can you be anything but fine. Excellent. Fucking lucky. Have a great day “ (okay, well a variation thereof!). Thank you for this. Thank you. I wish he was still living; I’d make a pilgrimage.

  2. After this, I’ve resolved to do the same: Not complain. Ever. Again. Listened while working, then recommended the book to about 15 people I knew–and some I didn’t know. Including strangers. Cause that’s how congenial people roll on the street…

    1. I’ve read a few book about WW1 and WW2 but nothing like this. Absolutely heartbreaking and devastating. I post quite a bit of stuff on social media to try and wake people up to the reality of what’s going on in the world because most people are walking around with blinders on and they refuse to acknowledge that there are groups out there today that are subjecting people to similar things and they are letting these people into relatively peaceful western countries.
      It is because I don’t want this sort of thing to become the norm and because of the training I do that I simply refuse to be quite.

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