Jocko Podcast 17: Band of Brothers, Losing the Fight Going Down Swinging, Jocko/Echo Backstory


0:00:00 – Opening

0:08:33 – Book Review, “Beyond Band of Brothers”, by Dick Winters

1:17:24 – Rough Transitions

1:25:30 – Jocko Podcast and Onnit Stuff

1:28:24 – Is Extreme Ownership the same as Apologizing?

1:33:04 – Can you be a “straight shooter” and not be a Jerk?

1:42:21 – Jocko’s #1 Philosophical lesson from Jiu Jitsu.

1:54:48 – Over-commitment to a wrong opinion.

1:58:55 – What brought Jocko and Echo together.  The back story.

2:22:41 – Losing a fight, but going down swinging.

3 thoughts on “Jocko Podcast 17: Band of Brothers, Losing the Fight Going Down Swinging, Jocko/Echo Backstory”

  1. The part about fighting a possibly lost cause, but still going down swinging really helped me reframe my situation.

    Got myself in a situation in college were it already might be too late to start learning for an exam and still pass it, but I might as well am going to try. Sounds better to me than giving up and waiting for the next semester to roll around and start anew.
    Even though the execution of this plan will not be easy, I will try to go as hard as I can. I think there can be more gained and learned by fighting this fight than by ducking it and blaming circumstances. And if I lose, then so be it. Whatever happens happens, but I want at least to be able to say that I tried.

    Anyway, thanks for the episode. Without it I might have opted for the easy path.
    I no longer think that that option is valid.

  2. Thanks for the input.

    I’m late to the party, and started listening a few days ago. Started at the beginning, and making my way through the episodes.

    It’s rewarding to hear areas of my life that I’m tracking well, but also… always room to improve. Felt compelled to check in.

    Keep getting after it.

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