Jocko Podcast 19: Over-Detachment, Bullying, Helping VS Enabling, Theatrics/Acting, Use of Force


0:00:00 – Opening

0:03:06 – Book Review. “Red Blood, Black Sand,” by Chuck Tatum

1:12:08 – Internet stuff / Onnit

1:14:45 – Thoughts on OVER-detachment

1:23:36 – Bullying. What if your child is being bullied?

1:28:41 – How to deal with a forced environment.  School, etc.

1:38:48 –  Does leadership require theatrics/acting?

1:43:35 – Helping VS Enabling.  When to cut ties.

1:51:33 – As a new leader, dealing with not knowing everything.

1:57:15 – Use of force.  Police, security, etc.

2:15:19 – Aggressive VS proactive.

One thought on “Jocko Podcast 19: Over-Detachment, Bullying, Helping VS Enabling, Theatrics/Acting, Use of Force”

  1. Echo, your comments during this podcast (19) about reading being viewed as a chore and the analogy of reading being like entering a dark room was spot on and enlightening!

    I struggle with reading, always have. Most often it puts me to sleep. Almost every book I attempt to read ends for me long before even the middle of the pages. The same typically holds true for audio anything.

    However, I breezed through Jocko’s book Discipline Equals Freedom, Field Manual in just two days and am 1/2 through Extreme Ownership so far.

    What I’ve found to be the different from all those other books and these is from the very opening chapter of Extreme Ownership, I could actually visualize the words and the scene as Leif describes it. I could actually hear in my mind Leif’s voice. I followed along visually as he and his team took the first building entering the city, I went with him as he chased a man as he fled into the absolute darkness of the night, captured him but quickly found himself faced with 7 heavily armed men coming his way. I saw those same 7 men through the green glow of his NVGs.
    I found the same experience in the chapters written by Jocko. I’m currently reading one of Jacko’s chapters regarding a new Lieutenant wanting to take on a long patrol through 3 US Forces controlled sectors with new Iraqi Soldiers vs a short patrol within their own control. It was a movie playing on my minds big screen as they stood over the sand table talking. Then as the firefight broke out just 12 minutes into the patrol I watched Jocko as he checked his stop watch, then again as he ran to the roof to extend his radio antenna for better reception to get updates and coordinate support efforts!

    The way they are telling their stories I’m captivated and it’s EXACTLY as you said Echo, I turned the light on in the room (my mind) and now I can see what’s in there. I can see my version of their experience and it’s awesome!

    Thank you, all three of you, for the books and these podcasts. Thank you for the motivation and the different perspectives on managing and dealing with things and people – LIFE. Though I still struggle with my boss, he’s just an ignorant dick! But I approach him differently now. Our last 1:1 meeting I stopped pointing my finger and asked him “what can I do to improve our working relationship?” I asked “What am I not providing that you need to better support our office?” As soon as I asked those two questions, the tone of the meeting changed drastically for both of us! I actually shook his hand as I walked out of his office, first time that ever happened in the four+ years I’ve worked for him. And that’s because of these books, these podcasts, because you you all! So thank you Gentlemen!

    MSG Minix, Jonathan
    Manager, Information Systems Support Branch
    Chief Instructor, 2BN, 177th Regiment,
    Regional Training Institute (RTI), Michigan

    Office: 517-481-8104
    Mobile: 517-230-1772

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