35: Maneuver Warfare, Being a Rebel, Disarming w/ Words, Sliding into Old Habits


0:00:00 – Opening

1:13:23 – Cool Interwebs Stuff and Onnit Stuff

1:15:19 – Random Working out talk

1:26:05 – Thoughts on UFC McGreggor VS Diaz and Jiu Jitsu

1:33:40 – Jocko being a Rebel VS Rule-followers

1:43:40 – Dealing with a Leader who Preaches, but does not Practice ownership.

1:47:24 – The Art of Disarming People with Words.

1:53:48 РPeople who Lead from an emotional/unbalanced place.  How to improve.

2:01:10 – “You get more bees with honey.”

2:05:23 – Sliding into old bad habits.

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