37: Vietnam Vet Navy SEAL Roger Hayden, War Stories


0:00:00 – Opening / Intro to Roger Hayden, Navy SEAL Vietnam Vet.

0:06:26 – Upbringing

0:08:29 – Into the Navy

0:10:13 – UDT

0:18:28 – 9th Infantry Situations

0:36:23 – Showing up at SEAL Team 1

0:41:26 – Back to Vietnam

0:48:19 – Blue on Blue Situation

0:52:44 – Leadership Take-Aways

0:55:20 – Canal Opp in ’69

0:59:41 – After the Vietnam War

1:06:54 – Closing

One thought on “37: Vietnam Vet Navy SEAL Roger Hayden, War Stories”

  1. Jocko, I listened to this podcast a while back and remember Mr. Hayden talking about working with the Army 9th infantry guys in the “brown water navy” in 66-67. It is my understanding that my grandfather was an O-2 in Vietnam in that AO around that time period. I have been looking for a way to contact Mr. Hayden about if he ever ran into my grandfather in Vietnam, I was wondering if you could either ask him for me or put me in touch with him. Your Podcasts are fantastic and I love listening to them .

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