42: Fallen Hero Mikey Monsoor, SEAL Vet Andrew Paul: Leadership, Life, Loss, & Lessons Learned


0:00:00 – Opening

0:11:54 – Andrew Paul

0:16:36 – BUDS with Leif

0:19:52 – Detailed to Boat Unit

0:22:54 – Delta Platoon, Task Unit Bruiser

0:27:30 – Work-Up, Mikey Monsoor Stories, Learning about Leadership, Rough Tactics

0:52:17 – Deployment. ┬áChallenges, Stories, and Leadership

1:16:25 – Homecoming / Mikey KIA

1:29:13 – Rough Transitions to Civilian Life

1:43:24 – The Unassuming Badass in the Mortgage Business

1:49:14 – Internet / Amazon / Onnit Stuff, JockoStore and Jocko White Tea

1:53:39 – Closing / Mikey Monsoor

2 thoughts on “42: Fallen Hero Mikey Monsoor, SEAL Vet Andrew Paul: Leadership, Life, Loss, & Lessons Learned”

  1. Just finished 42…absolutely fabulous job, Jockowill! Your closing commentary on behalf of your fallen brother is the most inspirational tribute I’ve ever experienced. God bless you for your service to the nation and to mankind and for your ongoing help to all of us individually thru your books & the podcast. Can’t wait to find out more about the possible East Coast Muster in 2017!!

    Your supporter,
    Redrope 64

  2. I really appreciate your podcast in general, but the ones you host with veteran’s,like this one with Andy Paul, are the most powerful to me. It really helps those of us who did not serve to better understand and appreciate your collective sacrifice and bond with one another. It is also a nice kick in the ass when I have a “rough” day and struggle to get motivated. The sacrifice you and your brothers made and continue to make drives me to push forward and persevere. The way we can honor your service and sacrifice is not to waste a single day or ever give up.

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