47: How to Overcome Set-backs at Work, MMA Fighters VS. SEALS, Prep VS. Winging it, Rituals for mindset, BJJ Gym Loyalty


0:00:00 – Opening

0:01:09 – Would an MMA Fighter be a good SEAL?

0:08:57 РWho would win in a fight?  MMA Fighter or Navy SEAL?

0:25:43 – No time to explain the “why” to the Troops.

0:32:11 – Advice for people with Poor/ineffective leaders.

0:40:51 – Rituals to get mentally prepared and focused.

1:13:20 – Being prepared VS. ‘winging it’.

1:21:16 – Jiu Jitsu Gym Loyalty VS. Freedom to train wherever.

1:59:13 РGetting through and over rough times at work, family, and financial.

2:03:53 – Dope internet, Onnit, and Jocko Store stuff.

3 thoughts on “47: How to Overcome Set-backs at Work, MMA Fighters VS. SEALS, Prep VS. Winging it, Rituals for mindset, BJJ Gym Loyalty”

  1. Awesome podcast, i never really listen to podcasts, but i met a team guy in julian a few weeks back, and we were taking about life and time in military (im a former infantry marine), and i got to listening to you. Anyways man, just wanted to encourage you, EVERYTHING you convey, from your heart in leadership, service, lessons, etc, are fully things that myself, and i know a lot of buddies of mine, all strive to accomplish, being the well rounded warrior, and trying to take our experience and leadership into the civilian world, to really shape this country back into what we all know it can look like, when those who truly love this country and have fought for it, get after it. You can verbalize very well, what a lot of us are striving for, thanks bro, your doing a killer thing, keep it up!! Matt

  2. Just started listening to your podcast as a recommendation from another podcast and on my second episode. So far I’m enjoying it so far and it’s cool to see that some “labels” to things that I believe in, like extreme ownership, and hearing about them being used in practice. I think it’s cool how much Echo looks up to you in the podcast, but sometimes I wish he’d be a little more willing to call you on your shit, Jocko. Not because your full of shit. But, a good friend and a good partner in my opinion is willing to call you on your shit when it needs to happen. Instead you have to rely on calling yourself out on your own shit (which is cool and I give you credit for doing so), but I feel like Echo isn’t doing fulfilling his full potential in the podcast. This episode had a great example when you were talking about rituals and you started saying that you’re busted and rather than Echo agreeing he’s too busy saying, “No you’re not busted man. You’re never busted. You’re the man.” Anyways, that’s my opinion. Word is everyone has one. Otherwise keep up on doing what you’re doing, Jocko, and I’ll continue listening.

  3. I’ve been looking for different music to listen to and instead found this podcast, best thing I’ve ever chosen to listen to. Thank you for this and everything you guys do!! Get after it.

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