2 thoughts on “51: “The Coldest War.” Mortars, Battle Fatigue, and THE COLD”

  1. Great podcast!
    Question for Jocko. Do you believe that a great leader, particularly in the military, is naturally a practitioner of the ancient Greek philosophy of Stoicism. What are your thoughts on the Stoic philosophy and applying it to everyday life. Thanks!

  2. Jesus Jocko. This podcast was unbelievable. My late father fought in Korea All he ever said about it was “it was cold.” 15 degrees here in Philly today. I listened to this episode during my cold run this am and thought a lot about my father and what he may or may not have gone through while over there. He came back and had 7 kids and a great life, so Korea was not his defining moment. But damn, I felt it when I was out there running this morning. Really great. Thanks.

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