54: How to Lead and Command Ultimate Respect. With the “Armed Forces Officer Manual”


0:00:00 – Opening “Uneasy Lies the head who wears the crown…”

0:09:27 – “The Armed Forces Officer” Military Manual 

1950 Version (Limited)

Critical Elements: Nobody’s Perfect, Bragging Rights for Hard work, Unselfishness commands Loyalty, Write Well / Speak Well, Humility,  Physical Conditioning, Empower Others.

3:05:18 – The Take-away

3:07:18 – Cool Internet, Onnit, JockoStore stuff along with Muster 002 and Jocko White Tea info.

3:27:08 – Final Thoughts and Gratitude

One thought on “54: How to Lead and Command Ultimate Respect. With the “Armed Forces Officer Manual””

  1. Jocko, Echo,

    Thank you for your work. My brother introduced me to you at episode 2, so have been listening to you guys for about a year. I am a husband of 20 years, father of 5, and worked for Tucson Fire Dept for 17 years as of June. Your work in leadership practice has been very helpful for myself, my crew, and my family, especially as leadership relates humility vs. Ego. I can’t rink enough tea to thank you enough.
    I am in contact with Lynn Ortega about hopefully getting a Leadership training set up next year for Tucson Fire, Tucson Police/SWAT, and Davis Monthan AFB personnel. Please don’t be offended if I leave 4 thousand messages trying to convince you (and Leif if possible) to come to Tucson with JP Dinnell and/or Dave Berke.

    Last thing. I have been listening to Dan Carlin for almost 10 years, both podcasts. Your show is just as good. Please keep it coming. You’ve got to be busy as hell.

    If you are not already aware of Medal of Honor recipient Fr. Emil Kapaun, you should look him up while you are in the Korean War mindset. That was a man. A leader. A hero.

    God Bless you and your family.
    Keep getting after it,

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