3 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2017: Don’t Forget To Smile”

  1. Jocko, thank you for what you’re doing here. Listened to you on Rogan. My father retired from the Army Reserves after 27 years and I was his hippie, rebel son. But you’re message of discipline and hard-work is timeless and amazing. Love it brother. Thank you!

  2. Just listened to Podcast 77. During your interview with CWO Roger Hayden, you discussed the CHIEU HOI program in which the South Vietnamese tried to entice VC soldiers to switch sides. You asked about the meaning of the Vietnamese word “chiêu hồi.” It is translated as OPEN ARMS. I’m a Vietnamese language interpreter and translator, so I was curious and did some searching. Please see this brief Wikipedia article. The details are interesting.


    Thanks for this great episode, for just letting Hayden talk. Your respective views were fascinating to hear in one conversation.

  3. Is the text from this letter available somewhere? I would like to base some legacy letters to my own family off this. Thank you.

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