77: War Stories. Mental Toughness and Clever Tactics in Vietnam and for Life. With CWO Roger Hayden

0:00:00 – Opening

0:06:25 – Training and Going to Vietnam

0:44:02 – Differences between Volunteers VS Draft guys.

0:45:26 – Wounded in a Fire Fight.

0:50:20 – More Deployments to Vietnam.

1:05:01 – Kilo Platoon Deployment to Vietnam.

1:22:28 – OP Tempo.

1:30:46 – Blue on Blue and Lessons.

1:38:07 – The Stay-Behind Ambush.

2:01:43 – The Fist Fight with a Big Dude.

2:04:33 – Becoming a Warrant Officer.

2:05:29 – Advice on Going into the SEAL Teams.

2:12:02 – Some details about the Boobie Traps in Vietnam.

2:17:19 – Support, Cool OnnitJockoStore stuff, with Jocko White Tea and Psychological Warfare (on iTunes). Extreme Ownership (book), (Jocko’s Kids’ Book) Way of the Warrior Kid, and The Muster 003.

2:28:35 – Closing Gratitude.


6 thoughts on “77: War Stories. Mental Toughness and Clever Tactics in Vietnam and for Life. With CWO Roger Hayden”

  1. Much respect and gratitude for all you sacrificed for me and my family. I just wanted to ask if you will be posting a video for Episode 77 with Roger Hayden.

    Thank you.


    CDR Willink,
    I have a question about wanting to be in combat.

    Im from Ireland and since I was a kid I wanted to leave home and fight. Im about to join the irish army and irish foreign policy dictates that we are militarly neutral. Although they go on UN and EU peace keeping missions in places that aren’t exactly holiday resorts, they are realtively calm compared to what you experienced.

    My question is; how do I quench this thirst for combat when its unlikely im going to see it?

    This question keeps me up at night, I dread living a life of just doing a stint in the army and moving on.

    I hope this questions finds you in good faith.
    This doesn’t have to be on a podcast or anything like that but I would gratefully appreciate your take on it.

    Kind regards

  3. Jocko- Thanks for sharing all of your experiences and insight with the rest of us! I started listening to your podcast while making weekly baseball road-trips with my 13 y/o son. They not only melt away the boring road but have also instilled some additional awesomeness into my teenage son. He had just tried out for a AAU basketball team the week before we heard one of your podcasts. When he got word that he didn’t make the A team he replied GOOD and asked me 2 questions. What time does it get light in the morning, and how many shots should he be able get up in an hour? It has been 3 months and rain or shine he gets up 150 shots before school everyday. Last night he played his first game since putting in the extra work. He was LIGHTS OUT! He listens to your podcast on the bus to/from school everyday and we have great discussions about the content. From one dad to another…Thanks for being an additional voice!

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