Warrior Kid: Ask Uncle Jake

Questions from kids for ‘Uncle Jake’ from the book ‘Way of the Warrior Kid’.

Jocko Willink.

4 thoughts on “Warrior Kid: Ask Uncle Jake”

  1. I love this, my 8 year old son Max just finished reading The Way of the Warrior Kid. He started Jiu Jitsu a couple of weeks ago and was super excited to see that the author of his new book practiced Jiu Jitsu too! He has had some problems being bullied in school because he isn’t into the same sports or things as the other kids so I think we found your book and podcast at the prefect time! I can’t wait to let me listen to this, he will love it!
    THANK YOU for your service to our country and for helping these kids (and adults) learn how to deal with their feelings!

  2. Jocko and/or Uncle Jake-
    My brother likes to solve our problems with his fists. I am younger but could hurt him severely if I wished (I do BJJ and Crossfit with my dad but he elects to play Minecraft instead) but I feel as though this might put the level of respect that I deserve below even his. How is it that I might solve this problem without hurting my brother or getting hurt further as well as without losing discipline/respect/dignity for myself and others? Also, If you recommend elaborate diplomacy than specific examples might be of assistance.

    P.S. Is there any reason I shouldn’t be doing Crossfit as I am 13? I do a scaled version of the workouts but I was a little worried after doing Grace a few weeks ago and seeing one of the guys at the gym hurt his calf pretty badly. Also my dad hurt his ACL I think a while ago and his back hurts pretty often. Thanks again in advance, I appreciate your time and sorry about the Nutso long question.

    I love your podcast,
    Your buddy,

  3. Mr. Willink, both of my kids are reading this book (I did too). I am a Cub Scout den Leader and would like to give a copy to our young men. If I buy seven more copies and send them to you, would you write something in the inside cover? I’ll pay for everything. Thanks for your consideration and doing what you did (and are doing) for our country. Respectfully, Steve

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