7 thoughts on “80: How The Way of The Samurai Translates to Life Today. Musashi, “The Book of Five Rings””

  1. I’ve read it twice. It’s one of those books that you can’t read just once. Learned a lot from this book. Learned a lot about myself through this book. It helped me unlock a lot of things within myself that I had, but was having a hard time accessing those things. I’m about to read it again. I think every time you read this book, you learn different things, something new depending on what you’re currently going through in life.

  2. Jocko, out of all your podcasts which one stands out that can help a drug addict ?? how do you get your life back ??

  3. Tell Echo it was Scott Smith who got punched by Pete Sell. Smith took a punch to the mid section and buckled in pain. It appeared that Smith got the wind knocked out of him. He was bent over and Pete Sell charged him. Smith saw this and threw a punch as Sell was coming in. Smith caught Sell and knocked him out.

  4. I recently listened to your podcast covering the Book of Five Rings and enjoyed it immensely. I would like to make you aware that there is another book from the Japanese tradition called the Code of the Samurai, the Bushido Shoshinsu, translated by T. Cleary, that is a great window into the traditional Japanese warrior class and is consequently an excellent guide for men who have the mindset to prepare themselves to overcome adversaries and adversity. Its author was Taira Shigesuke, a Confucian scholar and military scientist, born in 1639, near the height of 500 years of military rule in Japan.

  5. I am working on incorporating the Science of Martial Arts into my classroom by creating a kid-friendly list of the “Science of Education.” I will share with you once I’m done. Thank you for inspiring the idea by sharing this book.

  6. There is a Dutch saying, “Just be normal, that’s weird enough.” Playing the normal face game takes it to another level.

  7. I’m not claiming to know everything but here are some things that will help: 1) don’t fall into the habit of looking for the “7 skills of x group” or the “1 thing/motivation to change your life. While I’m not against learning how to take on life’s challenges from others, the only way one’s life is turned to the better is not through motivational speakers but the courage and to take action now and start to move towards what is good. However one should also remember to 2) stay humble. Many people, when they set out for a goal, they get stuck in the habit of setting too high of standards to achieve. However, this almost always fails as these people are setting goals that simply out of their reach. For example, I bet you might know some people tried to get into running only to get banged up since they did not have the humility to admit that they couldn’t run 5 miles after years of inactivity. People get stuck in this trap as doing things they see as ‘hardcore’ as appealing and their ego prevents them from taking the small steps they need as to do so would mean to admit that they’re not that great after all. 3) steady and unyielding effort. This note is somewhat opposite of the 2nd one as while sometimes people don’t have the humility to go slow when they need to, at other times they fail to rely on their courage to push themselves to do the things they know they should do but are afraid of. As such progress is life is not a matter fast and hard but slow yet persistent and unyielding work. Further, there will be times where progress slows, stops, or even reverses, but you have to remember that many people in a similar situation have lost battles but go on to win the war. Take the Vietnam War for example. Although the US won nearly every major battle the Viet Cong were able to drive out the Americans through more than a decade of persistent and unyielding harassment in small guerilla skirmishes that eventually broke US’s will to fight. So to recap, take action now and don’t wait for some “next great thing” to turn things around for you, be humble and take small steps, but also be unrelenting in these steps and never give up, even if you get stuck or fail. I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck

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