90: Tough As They Come. Travis Mills. Soldier. Warrior. Hero.

0:00:00 – Opening

0:08:38 – Travis Mills

0:29:22 – First Deployment.

0:36:57 – R&R… And Romance.

0:41:31 – Re-Deploy.

1:05:22 – Home for Leave.

1:26:33 – Re-Deployment.

1:39:49 – Wounded by an IED.

2:03:25 – Recovery.  Pain.  Family Support.

2:22:28 – Moving to Maine.

2:24:12 – Starting the Travis Mills Foundation.

2:27:34 – Final Thoughts.

2:32:46 – Support, JockoStore stuff, Origin Brand Apparel, with Jocko White Tea and Psychological Warfare (on iTunes)Extreme Ownership (book)The Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual. Extreme Ownership Muster 004 in San Diego.

2:53:54 – Closing Gratitude.

5 thoughts on “90: Tough As They Come. Travis Mills. Soldier. Warrior. Hero.”

  1. Hi Jocko, hi Echo,

    First of all thank you for this podcats. I am a huge fan and loyal listener. Travis Mills story is something I can barely wrap my mind around and this episode has probably been one of the best so far.
    I have a slightly off topic question with regards to this specific episode, however, related to military matters in general.
    I am half American, half German and my cousin (in Germany) recently decided to join the KSK (Kommando Spezial Krafte). It is our equivalent to the Navy Seals and considered to be our most elite commando.
    Since we have not been active officially in the Iraq war I am not sure if you have ever had the chance to work with KSK. However – we have been and still are part of the coalition forces in Afghanistan where Travis was stationed. My question is:
    Have you ever been working with the KSK? What is your impression of them? Can they hang with the US forces toughing it out there? My cousin (also dual national) faced the dilemma of choosing between enlisting in the US and Germany and picked the latter.
    Many thanks for the input in advance and thanks a lot for your service.

  2. As someone who is struggling with regaining my discipline in life I listen to your podcast for inspiration. This, is by far, the best episode yet. I can’t even fathom what guys like Travis go through. All I can ever give as repayment is to say thanks and promise I will never be one of those that turn their back on Vets.

    Travis’ story kicked my ass in gear. Sleeping in is no longer an option. I will get up and kick ass for guys like him. Thanks to Travis for the very real story and being a true inspiration.

  3. Happened to listen just before Veteran’s Day… very powerful.. Thank you Travis.
    Jocko.. you did an incredible job with this one.. you have a gift

  4. What Travis went through is unbelievably hard, I couldn’t believe the turn the story took. If there was such a thing as beyond human courage and endurance, Travis you’re it. I wanted to maybe ask if you guys ever heard of Open Bionics (search #bionics on twitter). You would make a kickass Bionic Man, Travis. I know company start-ups in bionic limbs are gaining traction. Robotics is an emerging field, it won’t be long now. I saw a full robot doing push-ups the other day. Bionic limbs are here already. They’re using 3d printed materials so its easy to produce them and they’re light weight. Travis would be a great candidate. #BionicTravis ?

  5. *PSA
    For any ‘Troopers’ out there that listen to the podcast during your workout… Be warned, when you listen to podcast #90 with Travis Mills – HE WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH! The last thing you want to do is burst out laughing with 80lb dumbbells perched overhead like I did. When Jocko says this guy isn’t the ‘serious type’ – he not kidding – this guy is so funny!
    Thank you Travis for your service – great combat service provider, greater human being.
    God bless!

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