98: W/ Dr. Jordan Peterson. Facing your Inner Darkness. Breaking Your Wretched Loop. The Ultimate Hero is Dangerous but Disciplined.

0:00:00 – Opening

0:21:27 – Who becomes evil?  And Why?

0:31:59 – Taking ultimate responsibility.

0:41:43 – Dangerous but disciplined.

0:59:40 – Discipline and kids psychology.

1:05:08 – How to be successful.  Breaking the loop.

2:04:42 – Self Authoring.

2:34:36 – Determining personality traits.

2:53:35 – The rise of Jordan Peterson.

3:00:29 – Using praise and rewards carefully.  Participation trophies?

3:13:25 – Support JockoStore stuff, Super Krill Oil and Joint WarfareOrigin Brand Apparel, with Jocko White Tea and Psychological Warfare (on iTunes)Extreme Ownership (book)The Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual.

3:41:39 – Closing Gratitude.

Jordan Peterson Books: “Maps of Meaning”  |  “12 Rules for Life”
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10 thoughts on “98: W/ Dr. Jordan Peterson. Facing your Inner Darkness. Breaking Your Wretched Loop. The Ultimate Hero is Dangerous but Disciplined.”

  1. This may be the single greatest podcast episode ever. I will be referencing back to this repeatedly. It’s chock full of insight on human nature that should be consumed and put into action by everyone.

  2. One of my favorites of the 98 episodes so far. If this episode doesn’t show someone exactly how discipline equals freedom, after the 97 episodes of this podcast, it’s hard to imagine what will. I listened to it 3 times over so far. It is far too rich for a single listening. If only schools were a fraction as effective. Thank you Jocko and Echo! My other favorite is episode 50 with Tim Ferriss. Looking very forward to episode 100 as I’m reading Musashi.

  3. One of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to in my life! Thank you for allowing Dr. Peterson to speak with you for so long. I have since been listening to his podcast and looking into services and products that he offers.

  4. Jcko,

    I have been following your podcast for a few weeks and this episode is just…Mindblowing!
    It also rises a fundamental question: How do you maintain the balance between having a strong view about good and evil, but at the same time keep an open mind to another person who does have a different good/evil framework but is still very ethical according to his own rules. I struggle with this.
    But again, big thanks to you and Dr. Peterson for a fantastic and deeply meaningful conversation that makes one think.

  5. Thank you, Jocko for this great episode with Dr. Peterson. Profound message. Helps explain the deeper themes at play in our chaotic and painful world. Shows how it doesn’t serve us well to pull any punches when facing reality.

    Here’s to getting after it, brother.

    Discipline = Freedom.

  6. This is the first of Jocko’s podcasts I have listened to.
    The opening was one of the most powerful I have ever heard. Anyone who can think knows that radical islam is monstrously evil, but this account cemented that reality in my mind.
    Overall, this is an amazing discussion about the nature of Man and his Creator. Paul said it so well in Rom_7:19:  “For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do.”
    Still, there is hope.

  7. Jocko,
    Podcast 98 Dr. Jordan Peterson. Can you send a list of the authors and books mentioned. It was hard to listen, write and guess at some of the spelling of the author’s names. Great episode!

  8. Jocko, Echo, Jordan,
    Humbled, grounded, fired up – your conversation locked so many things into place that had been drifting. Now its like a perfect storm arrived within me. A certain meaning validated by spirit within your calm patient talk. Standing Up. Getting After it. Gratitude.

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