100: With Tim Ferriss. Musashi, and How Warrior Way Relates To Life

0:00:00 – Opening

0:01:00 – Tim’s recent Silent Retreat.

0:09:12 – Musashi, An Epic Novel of The Samurai Era 

3:03:52 – Final Take-Aways.  The Path.

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4:02:26 – Closing Gratitude.


7 thoughts on “100: With Tim Ferriss. Musashi, and How Warrior Way Relates To Life”

  1. Jocko,

    What do you think the stop sign you saw in the ocean means coming from your subconscious? What color was the the stop light? How would you feel about a theory that your mind is asking you to stop putting yourself through the pain of training at a high level, and that it is manifesting itself in the form of a visual sign literally telling you to “stop”. Great work pushing past that barrier. You’re an inspiration.

  2. WOW. That was a truly profound and inspiring episode. Thank you Jocko and Tim for that mental and spiritual journey. Musashi is now at the top of my reading list.

    I was sitting in rush hour traffic yesterday, heading home from work, listening to Jocko read the final scene from the book, and I was mentally in a whole different place. It was like the traffic was gone, my car was gone, and I was there along the strait, watching Musashi and Kojiro duel it out. Before I knew it I was already home (fortunately I didn’t get into an accident along the way).

    Jocko, you MUST find a way to publish a full narration of this book. I can’t imagine the story being told any other way. I would pay top dollar for an audio edition narrated by you, and I’m sure the publisher would too.

  3. Congratulations Gents and sincere thank you for realeasing now 100 episodes.
    Musashi was well worth the wait and what a pespective on living. Great to hear Tims commentary as well.
    To celebrate your 100 episodes i am going to go back and relisten from episode 1 just to re hash the lessons learned.
    When are you coming down to Australia to do a muster?
    Thanks again. Out.

  4. Jocko, I like your readings on this podcast. Each one makes me want to hear it over and over (which i do), because they are deeper and well selected. However, i don’t like Tim’s readings, they seem random and shallow almost like a high school child highlighting lines that he know’s will be on a multiple choice test, while your readings are more like and essay answer to a test question. Plus i couldn’t help but notice Tim complaining about Giraffes can’t dance (makes me think of his bad 4 hour books). Anyway, you must redo this book review on an other podcast, this time just you and Echo (dang!).

  5. Just finished Musashi for the third time twenty years after the first and second! Loved every second of this podcast! You and Tim Ferris have a new follower!

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