101: How “The Hundred Rules of War” Will Help You Rule Your Life.

0:00:00 – Opening

0:18:34 – “The Hundred Rules of War”, by Tsukahara Bokuden.

1:48:24 – Final thoughts and take-aways.

1:56:52 – Support: JockoStore stuff, Super Krill Oil and Joint WarfareOrigin Brand Apparel and Jocko Gi, with Jocko White Tea,  Onnit Fitness stuff, and Psychological Warfare (on iTunes)Extreme Ownership (book)The Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual.

2:20:58 – Closing Gratitude.


5 thoughts on “101: How “The Hundred Rules of War” Will Help You Rule Your Life.”

  1. I wanted to offer a perspective on the conversation you and Echo had on the comfort zone. I found myself cracking up and nodding in agreement at both perspectives of your prior employment. I had to laugh at the line of people listening to this at a job they aren’t happy with as I was in the process of moving 20 cases each with 6 gallons of spring water for my shift, at 3am Thanksgiving Day. I find myself in this job because retail work became my comfort zone. I found a decent paying job out of high school and got comfortable with the life I was living. Until that comfort became scarce. Business took a turn for the worse and that safe zone became wrought with doubt, as to if I would continue to be employed or not. At this point, I reassed my life, my goals, and most importantly, my drive. This introspection led me to a simple and life changing realization: if you are constantly improving, in any way shape or form, the circumstances of your world become much easier to handle. As of this day, I am over halfway through a degree (10 years later than most students) and am 60 lbs less fat than a year ago. Things obviously can go sideways on a moments notice, but with more preparedness, more determination, and frankly, more guts, one can wade into deep waters and come back fine. I guess in a long winded way, I’m saying that discipline equals freedom (pretty good quote if I say so myself, you guys should maybe do a book on that or something, I dunno). While I tap this small novel away on my iPhone sitting in the desolate break room, I take solace in knowing that while I’m nowhere near where I want to be, I am building myself up to walk that long path, and understanding that “where you want to be” is a trick in and of itself. The destination does not matter if you are strong enough to walk the harshest paths. Thank you to the both of you for providing me with both entertainment and motivation as I sling groceries onto the shelves for the starving masses, and may you both have a safe a pleasant Thanksgiving.

    P.S. My dog drank some white tea that I spilled and grew two more heads. If you have any advice on how to effectively train a Cerberus I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Jocko you have enabled me to motivate the shit out of myself. To say I was out of control is an understatement ,your book discipline equals freedom and a type 2 diabetes diagnosis was all i needed to open my eyes. That is NO LONGER my life.
    Thank you
    Ron Hicks

  3. Podcast 101 – insightful, challenging and illuminating.

    The SEAL way of life S = support E = engage A = apply and L = learn – G.A.I

  4. I really enjoyed the letters from fallen soldiers to their loved ones you read at the beginning of this podcast. I don’t see a credit to where you read those from. Could you share the source if it is from a book or other resource accessible online?

  5. I am going back through all the podcasts. I just got to this one. I just wanted to let you know that steel sprinkler system pipes when hung properly are more than capable of supporting your pull-ups. The sprinkler code requires the hangers be listed to hold 5x the weight of water filled pipe plus 250lbs.

    Just something I thought you would appreciate knowing.

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