103: Human Will is a Super Power When Called Upon. “Recollections of Rifleman Harris”

0:00:00 – Opening

0:07:13 – “Recollections of Rifleman Harris”

1:28:23 – Final thoughts and take-aways.

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2:04:08 – Closing gratitude.


One thought on “103: Human Will is a Super Power When Called Upon. “Recollections of Rifleman Harris””

  1. One of my favorite eras is the Napoleonic War. I thought you did a magnificent job covering the content. But 2 things stood out to me. First, it would have been worth mentioning that the weapons used by the French and most British and allies were a smooth bore, flint lock musket. You were correct about that. However the 95th carried Rifled muskets or rifles. They did not carry the typical smoothbore. Thats why they were the 95th Rifles. They were essentially a special ops unit of sniper/skirmishers. The Rifles used the Baker rifle, or the pattern 1800 infantry Rifle. The 95th were absolutely badass. I’d also comment that the reason they lost so many limbs was the nature of the heavy lead balls that moved incredibly slow. They simply caused massive amounts of trauma via pulverization of bone and flesh. The rounds were very large and very slow.

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