112: Life is Hard. So What Are You Going To Do? 12 Rules For Life With Jordan Peterson

0:00:00 – Opening

0:12:58 – Jordan Peterson.

0:32:36 – Stand up straight and be competent.

0:52:44 – Being aggressive overcomes fear.

1:05:20 – Extreme Ownership with your wife, boss, and others.

1:26:13 – Importance of Having thick skin.

1:39:04 – Final thoughts and take-aways.

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2:09:01 – Closing Gratitude.


12 thoughts on “112: Life is Hard. So What Are You Going To Do? 12 Rules For Life With Jordan Peterson”

  1. Why give this darling of the alt-right a platform? I’m a fan of your podcast and enjoy the content on military history, self-improvement, etc., but Prof. Peterson peddles in bootstrapping while ignoring societal inequality and institutionalized racism.
    He’s a mental hammer that sees a world of nails. Life is a bit more complicated than that.

    1. I got to agree with Ryan. It’s only a matter of time til his hatred is exposed. I can see how his tough love approach is appealing but out of support for your message and podcasts I have concerns about him.

      I believe everyone has something important to say regardless of what their political orientation might be.

      Linda Åkeson McGurk is someone I would recommend who’s message compliments your own
      Her book “There is no such thing as bad weather” talks about getting kids back to the outdoors.


      There is a psychologist in Vancouver Canada who is an expert on psychopaths. He developed a screening process for psychopaths that is used all over the world.

      He wrote a book called “without conscience” about psychopaths that is very insightful and would be a good addition to the evil nature of man that you seem to be exploring.



  2. I really enjoyed that. New content, ideas and philosophies I haven’t before. I’m definitely getting the book. What’s the 20% discount code for Jordan’s program?!

  3. I am not sure why or how, but after tuning into this podcast its like getting bitch slapped into realising that I have been a complete waste of skin for most of my priveleged life. Flipped the switch took the battle axe to myself and am now waking up in the morning ready to Get. After. It. Life changing stuff here boys. Sit down. Shut up. And absorb this.

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