113: Into the Mind of a Working K9 Warrior. With Mike Ritland

0:00:00 – Opening

0:03:01 – Who is Mike Ritland?  Iowa, swimming, and the Teams.

0:50:46 – Dog handling and training and psychology.

2:33:55 – Closing thoughts and take-aways.

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3:04:56 – Closing Gratitude.



3 thoughts on “113: Into the Mind of a Working K9 Warrior. With Mike Ritland”

  1. this is cool! I wish there were more ppl like this guy, the last trainer I spoke with seemed to take pride in “breaking” the dogs . He would say, I had this dog that was super aggressive and dominant but I put him through so many exercises with the shock collar that I still managed to get him through his obedience classes. It was like he was proud he won his “battle” with this dog. They’re not all man eaters, lol! Jeez! Dude said he was an ex police dog guy, too. Lots of trainers go straight to shock collar, choke collar etc. and seem to view the animal in a confrontational light automatically. He was actually an Improvement on this other guy who would call the dogs assholes, if they didn’t behave perfect. In new surroundings, with all kinds of smells and distractions and 50 new dogs at once in the same area. If one growled a little at another, that dog’s an asshole, LOL!

  2. I actually saw this idiot with her crazy, overactive dog run right into this other dog the other day. Dog was pulling like crazy at the other end of his leash and just dragging her down the street. The dogs got into a fight and then her argument was well, you can’t control the environment or predict what’s going to happen, so I didn’t do anything wrong. They were kinda arguing back and forth afterwards. I honestly think training should be mandatory. Especially for any new owners.

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