113: Into the Mind of a Working K9 Warrior. With Mike Ritland

0:00:00 – Opening

0:03:01 – Who is Mike Ritland?  Iowa, swimming, and the Teams.

0:50:46 – Dog handling and training and psychology.

2:33:55 – Closing thoughts and take-aways.

2:36:04 – Support:   JockoStore stuff, Super Krill Oil and Joint Warfare and Discipline Pre-Mission, THE MUSTER 005 in DCOrigin Brand Apparel and Jocko Gi, with Jocko White Tea,  Onnit Fitness stuff, and Psychological Warfare (on iTunes)Extreme Ownership (book)The Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual, and Jocko Soap.

3:04:56 – Closing Gratitude.



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