115: Into the Fire, and Beyond the Call of Duty, with Medal of Honor Recipient, Dakota Meyer

0:00:00 – Opening

0:04:21 – Dakota Meyer.

0:11:00 – “Into The Fire”, by Dakota Meyer.

0:23:35 – Deployed to Iraq.

0:26:35 – Deployed to Afghanistan.

3:01:54 – Final thoughts and take-aways.

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3:40:37 – Closing Gratitude.


7 thoughts on “115: Into the Fire, and Beyond the Call of Duty, with Medal of Honor Recipient, Dakota Meyer”

  1. Jocko,

    This podcast was excellent. Thank you for taking the time to talk to Dakota in a way that was patient and detailed so that we could really understand what he went through. I want to recommend a book to you, Fields of Fire by James Webb. It is work of fiction, but based on his experience as a platoon commander in Vietnam.

    Semper Fi,

    Hans Heinz

  2. Thank you Dakota Meyer for your brave and honorable service to our country. I thank God for men like you! I love you, man! God bless you! Thank you for telling the experience you lived in your great book, “Into the Fire” and for telling about it in the Jocko podcast. I am a 52 year old woman, so easily old enough to be your mother. I just want to hug you and tell you how proud I am of you for your courage, your strength and your resilience. I admire your great character. Thank you for all you do and for all you have sacrificed to secure freedom for this great country of ours and for Afghanistan. Thank you for so honorably serving our country. You are such an amazing human being and man! Take care of yourself. I love you!

  3. #115 – outstanding podcast. Total respect to Dakota, his brothers, Jocko, echo and the team. It brought a whole new meaning to what a person can endure.

  4. Incredible, intense and inspiring. At 2:47:20 – “It’s a choice. A conscious choice….decide whether it is your excuse – or your fuel”. I have walked the line and that 10 seconds from Dakota hit me like a freight train. My heartfelt gratitude for sharing and laying tracks that others can follow.

  5. I am speechless. I had chills from knowing that Mr Dakota Meyer genuinely felt he was not coming back alive because he was staring death in the face. Tears for the men that he lost while watching them try to seek cover. Frustration for him not getting the artillery and air support he needed to keep his men alive. Appreciation for those who gave all and what Mr Dakota Meyer had to endure to make it back. Respect for Mr Dakota Meyer and never looking back.. Thank you Jacko for an incredible podcast.
    Cpl – USMC – 89′-92′

  6. So I have started at the beginning and have listened to all the episode up to 100. Then moved to more recent episodes. I went back to 115 with Dakota Meyer and that has been the best episode yet. The emotion and heart that is felt in the episode has me at an all time high. Had serving in the Marines in 04 and on, the shit storm that was, is exactly the same. Dakota hit every bit of the b.s. that we had to deal with. The emotion and the heart, and the speechless moments that don’t come often, that Jocko showed said it all. I can’t thank you all enough for this. With thanks and love. SF.

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