Human Nature, Leadership, and Atrocities w/ Daniele Bolelli and Darryl Cooper

0:00:00 – Opening Intro.

0:04:20 – Daniele Bolelli and Darryl Cooper talk.

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2:31:44 – Closing Gratitude.

2 thoughts on “Human Nature, Leadership, and Atrocities w/ Daniele Bolelli and Darryl Cooper”

  1. Army OCS graduate from 1988 – we studied war atrocities, illegal orders, etc. at Andersonville prison.
    Now a school district leader. There is a strong parallel between what allows ordinary people to participate in war atrocities and ordinary people participating in public shaming via social media. (Kids and school leaders are subject to this every day.) The solutions – rules of engagement, disciplined communication, strong culture of “this is not what we do”, is the same. Great and valuable podcast for our society.
    Ever consider a book aimed educator leaders beyond Extreme Ownership? The parallels are tremendous!

  2. In response to your Human Nature, Leadership, and Atrocities Podcast: Thank you for the analysis on the hard decisions that were made in Ramadi by leaders. For years I have played the Monday morning QB on decisions I made to break contact, hold off or stand down in certain situations… I also reflect on poor decisions I made in high pressure situations in which the stress of being a supposed hardened leader actually broke me. In pressure situations, I felt I didnt always make the best decision, but perhaps the right decision if that makes sense. Your analysis on the battle space and your approach to friction point prosecution makes me feel like I made the right decisions. Thanks for the real world, boots on ground level analysis. Its refreshing to revisit Ramadi, from a new angle. Its a part of me and always will be.

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