Warrior Kid Podcast 1: Ask Uncle Jake

0:00:00 – Opening

0:01:01 – How hard is it to become a Navy SEAL?

0:02:24 – What’s the best food to eat?

0:04:06 – Did Uncle Jake have a mentor growing up?

0:06:37 – How to keep on the path after the book is finished.

0:10:44 – Was Jocko like Marc when he was young?

0:17:28 – Should you try to motivate people that are okay with being average?

13 thoughts on “Warrior Kid Podcast 1: Ask Uncle Jake”

  1. Morning Jocko!

    My son, Connor, loved the first book. Starting the second one this week. We’ve also listened to the first 3-episodes of the Warrior Kid podcast.

    Without prompting, he asked if he could as you a question.. Soo.. What is the process to submit questions for the podcast?



  2. Dear Uncle Jake,
    we have 5 warrior kids in our house.
    Jackson (10), Brooklyn (8), Jameson (6), Colson (5), Bronson (2). We are half way through your second book and we love it so far.
    We have 2 questions for you.
    #1 I have been in jiu jitsu for 9 months and I am going to earn my grey belt soon. What rank are you and do you still like jiu jitsu?
    #2 Do have any pets? We have 3 dogs, 1 cat and 7 chickens.
    Thank you for your time.
    from Jackson and Brooklyn.

  3. I am a Warrior Kid named Everett and I listen to your Warrior Kid podcast every morning. I have a question: How many pull-ups can you do in one set? How long would it take you to get to 100?

  4. Afternoon! My sons love the Warrior Kid books and podcast. They want to ask Uncle Jake a question but we don’t know where to submit them.


  5. Greetings Jocko and Echo,

    My kids and I are big fans and she had a question for your podcast: Are pancakes warrior food?

    All the best

  6. Hi!

    My 4 year Luciano Francis old has questions for Uncle Jake.
    He would like to know what kind of training he does other than jiu jitsu and pulls ups, push ups, running, etc.
    He also wants to know if Uncle Jake likes broccoli and carrots (lol!)
    And – he said – uncle Jake, say hi to Marc for me and please tell him not to become a bully because we are the good guys. You see Luciano started training jiu jitsu a few weeks before turning four and is loving it. He also started his own code! So far he has:
    Be kind
    Work hard
    Don’t fight your friend

    Thank you for these wonderful books and for the message you share!!

  7. Jocko,
    My 8 year old son and I are huge fans of the book. When I heard via your podcast there was a Warrior Kid podcast I was excited to tell him about it.
    However, due to the amount of inappropriate content on Youtube, I recently stopped letting him watch it. He is still allowed to watch Youtube Kids in his free time – after his workout and chores. Is there any chance you would be able to post the video podcast on here as well?
    Thanks for everything either way. I find your military service and podcast very inspiring. You and Echo make a great team. Also, FYI just ordered the second Warrior Kid book.

  8. Dear uncle Jake,

    I am 26 years old, and enjoy listening to the warrior kid podcast.
    i am quite sure you don’t have to be a kid to learn a lot from it (and maybe, just because it is meant for kids, detaching and reflecting (at least somewhat) objectively about the things you discuss is slightly easier for people that don’t consider themselves kids).

    clearly i still have tons to learn from you, but i also have one thing i think you should consider:
    you sometimes say that when you were in college, whenever you didn’t get something, you raised up your hand right away and asked the lecturer about it.
    then you encourage us to do the same.

    in my opinion, it is probably a good advice for lectures.
    however, i think that when you are studying alone and struggling with some exercise etc., you should really try to first tackle it by yourself, and only in case you are still stuck after putting some time and effort into it, only then, maybe you should ask for help.
    and even then, ask for just a little hint, so that you would be able to figure most of it yourself.
    at least once a day while studying, i notice my brain telling me “give up, just move on to the next topic”, and i have a note for such moments that reminds me of the Seals’ 40% rule.
    i think that we often give up too soon, and trying some more might actually make the difference.
    and when we figure out a tough exercise on our own, not only do we probably understand the material much better, but we also gain some confidence in our potential to overcome obstacles, if we just throw enough time and effort at them.

    obviously, you don’t have to agree with me, but i just wanted to share this thought.

    thanks for everything 🙂

  9. What is the best vehicule to travel with when you go to war? Also, do you know anything about ice hockey, if so, what is your favourite team?

    7 year old warrior kid, Brady from France

  10. Uncle Jake, my name is Noah Marsack and I am in the seventh grade, I have two questions for you. First, will you be making a third WAY OF THE WARRIOR Kid book, and 2nd what can I do to not get so distracted while doing homework? PS I get distracted by a fly!

  11. Hey Jocko I am a big fan and listen to your warrior kid podcasts. I have a question for you, I am just starting your workouts and if I am not strong enough yet can I, instead of 8 sets of pull-ups, do 4 and when I get stronger go to 8 sets.

    Thank you for your time
    Brady (13)

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