122: “Fortunate Son”, by Lewis Puller Jr.

0:00:00 – Opening

0:01:22 – “Fortunate Son”, by Lewis Puller Jr.

4:00:56 – Final thoughts and take-aways.

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5 thoughts on “122: “Fortunate Son”, by Lewis Puller Jr.”

  1. Jocko:
    121 &122 brilliantly paired.
    The brilliant and larger than life recount of “Chesty” Puller would inspire the meekest and idealistic of men to go “get some” and run post haste to the nearest Marine Corp depot to sign up. I was myself fired up hearing the life of the legend. My uncle serves in Guadalcanal & many members of my family are Marines.

    In the following podcast the powerful and brutal story of what the majority of infantry men face in every war and the savage wounding of the legends son is the cold hard reality. I had to stop and restart more than once and brought on with crystal clear clarity, my own fathers and uncles objections to my joining the military — both served and lost several friends in WW2, Korea and Vietnam. As an adult I’ve lost friends in Iraq and Afghanistan- you may know a couple.

    The solemn and sobering events of Lewis Puller JR reminds me to appreciate those who live a life of service and are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice without thought— without conditions. Thank God I live in the greatest country in the world protected by the blood of these patriots since 1776.

    Bill McLaughlin

  2. What an awesome one-two punch. Excellent selections and reading. I need to decompress before the 3rd installment. I’ve been thinking about Lewis and Chesty for the last two days.

    Sad that Lewis Jr. felt he didn’t live up to his father. In a way, his honesty after the war was the type of courage that Chesty alluded to in Marine, but never got beyond arguing with command. In that way, he would have made Chesty proud.

    When Lewis Jr. wrote that he was upset by Kent State, understood the outrage of the nation, but wondered where the same national outrage for 4 administrations that dug us into Vietnam, it captured so much.

    Bravo Jacko and Echo.

  3. I’ve written that letter but as Lewis Puller had to his wife prior to planning taking his life. I’ve sought guidance and help, tried to figure out that ownership portion to overcome the demons within. I live a lie everyday, giving those around me what they perceive as a guy who’s ok, yet inside I feel broken, afraid that one day the demons will overcome and this life I live will be shortened. It’s as if I am a prisoner within, I’ve faced treatment, counseling and yet the guilt and sadness I feel overcomes and takes it’s place at the forefront. I’m successful, finished a 20 year Military career as a Corpsman, received my Bachelors degree, and continue in graduate school to become a Physician Assistant but again, I feel numb and empty. Even the love I feel for those close to me has changed. Listening to this series of these podcasts hits home. I continue to fight but I feel a foreshadowing of a life cut short as the demons will again finally succeed.

  4. Bravo, Jocko & Echo. This story–and your reading–is powerful. I looked him up while listening (and crying, in part) which only exacerbated the tragedy. I know someone who’s working on a game-changing platform to address this. Please see https://sound-off.com. And thank you again for this trio of stories. They deserve a huge audience.

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