126: Leadership From WW2, Korea, and Vietnam, with Col. Thomas Fife

0:00:00 – Opening

0:08:02 – Col. Thomas Fife. WW2, Korea, and Vietnam.

2:02:12 – Final Thoughts and take-aways.

2:07:12 – Support.

2:36:28 – Closing Gratitude.



3 thoughts on “126: Leadership From WW2, Korea, and Vietnam, with Col. Thomas Fife”

  1. Tom Fife was a very close friend of my Uncle John W. Lay. I met Tom in 1965 and worked for him at CSC/Infonet. Great to see him and hear him recount stories of bravery, discipline and true courage.

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for all you do. Especially, episodes like 126, the band of brothers and others. Both my grandfather’s were WW2 vets. One in the Navy in the Pacific and one in the Army in Europe. As a kid I would listen to their war stories for hours. Stories about Midway, the battle of the bulge, liberating Jews from the concentration camps were just a few great ones. In the last days of their lives, these were some of the only memories they held on to. Men like these deserve to have a place to be heard. Almost every podcast with these heroes, new and old, my eyes well up with tears, thankful for freedom that was paid for in blood. and ….. Remembering my two heroes! I also love all the bjj and martial arts, and history episodes. I’ve been in martial arts since the age of nine. At the age of 42, I got my JKD instructor certs, then started as a white belt in BJJ. I just got my brown belt a few months ago before my 49th birthday. Your books have been a great help in my job as a project manager! I have them all. Much love and respect to you and echo! If you’re ever in the Nashville area, stop by for a roll and a beer! Keep up the good work! OSS!

  3. I laughed and I cried when I listened to this podcast. An extraordinary interview. Thank you Jocko. I met Colonel Tom Fife when he was called to duty as the CEO and leader of our start-up in San Francisco, 1984. He took me under his wing when I was 28 and knew diddly about business and nothing about technology. I could write a novel about what it was like serving under him… the greatest honor of my 34 yr old career. He is one in a trillion. Tom, you changed my life and I love you. Can you advise me of how I can connect with him today?

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