4 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2018: Remember Me”

  1. Have a question concerning use of the monologue. First saw it on FoxNews website. I asked permission via the comments section to use the it in Church. Did not get an answer so, hope it was ok.

  2. DearJocko

    I have two sons who have just recently joined the Marines. My oldest son, Pierce is your most loyal follower. You have made a huge impression on him. He is joining at age 27, however he always knew that he was destined to become a Marine. Also, he wants to be in special forces and has dedicated himself to fulfill his ultimate goal.
    My younger son, Hunter is joining at age 18 and he is very committed to serve. He has been taught well by his brother, Pierce but truly has is own testimony for joining.
    I am looking forward to following your podcasts and getting to know you since you have been a great role model to both of my sons!

    God Bless,

    Brian Hutchens (father to Pierce & Hunter)

  3. Jocko, Thank you for these comments. I wish everyone in the Uninted States will listen to this.. We, as a Country would be much better off. God bless you for your service and your continued service with a podcast with such meaning and so powerful. Eloquently spoken as well. Everyone, take this to heart and share it with all you know.

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