128: How to Gain Confidence. Forgiveness VS Settling The Score. Does Discipline Inhibit Creativity?

0:00:00 – Opening.

0:00:43 – Overtraining.

0:06:20 – Packing a lunch for work.

0:10:39 – Real estate investing.

0:20:41 – Do you ever watch mindless tv or Youtube during down time?

0:22:02 – Using mass punishment on the team.

0:22:52 – Discipline as a creative.

0:26:55 – Dealing with being “lonely at the top.”

0:33:31 –  The Office reboot. Starring Jocko.

0:36:51 – Seeing kids in bad situations: Effecting parenting.

0:38:13 – How to reduce your boss’s anxiety.

0:39:01 – Best way to keep in shape traveling.

0:51:00 –  Forgive? Or wait to settle the score?

0:55:11 -To Do List methods.

0:58:23 – Jiu Jitsu safety for a 55 year old female.

1:06:32 – Entering the military when over 30 years old.

1:12:45 – What to do when the boss doesn’t make the connection between your work and the teams success?

1:14:08 – What to do for fun while not getting after it.

1:19:36 –  Does discipline inhibit creativity?

1:24:47 – Moving on VS Fighting on.

1:32:04 – How to increase confidence.

1:35:28 – Support.

2:06:14 – Closing Gratitude.


One thought on “128: How to Gain Confidence. Forgiveness VS Settling The Score. Does Discipline Inhibit Creativity?”

  1. Just to comment the discussions about forgiving. I’ve noticed that there is a lot of people who don’t understand the difference between forgiving and accepting whatever bad the other party has done to you. Forgiving is not the same as accepting that whatever you did was okay. If someone takes a punch on at the street, it’s not okay, and it never will. But it will not bring any good to you, id you keep thinking the incident and create negative thoughts of it. Instead, you should forgive and accept that the shit happened, but you don’t agree that what they guy did is acceptable. I’m not sure if I’m able to describe my point cleary, but the point is that forgiving is a way to put you back on positive track, without saying that “it was okay what you did”. It’s more like “you did wrong, I don’t care, it doesn’t affect my life anymore”.

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