3 thoughts on “130: Lessons and Guidelines from 430 A.D. That Still Hold Up Today. “Concerning Military Affairs.””

  1. Have you ever thought about having Jim Wendler on your podcast? He is the creator of the 5-3-1 Workouts and written 3 books. You two think a whole lot alike as far as discipline goes.

  2. Jocko podcast makes nightshift bearable and maintains motivation to use the gym after work.

    Discipline. Strength. Unyielding Will.

  3. Great episode! Very interesting to hear your thougts and comments for me as an archaeologist, who is specialized in roman army studies. About the nutrition there are severeal studies you can find easily online, i.e. a “classic”: Jonathan P. Roth, The Logistics of the Roman Army at War (1999), chapter 1 supply needs and rations:


    Troop supply is one of the major topics in roman military research an a reason for the very quick setup of a good infrastructure in the conquered territories connecting the hinterland with its resources to the frontline-areas.

    I love you podcast and books an you’re pretty much the reason why I got into BJJ two months ago. GETTING AFTER IT. Thanks

    Best Regards from Cologne, Germany

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