3 thoughts on “133: Face History so You Can Learn From It. The Horrors of Unit 731.”

  1. This is the third podcast I’ve listened to. First was number 134 with Mike Sarraille, which highlighted selflessness and the promise of redemption even after a rough start. Which was similar to number 115, my second podcast, featuring Dakota Meyer, where brotherhood was highlighted, along with the incompetence of bureaucracy. The madness of unit 731, however, truly makes you appreciate life even more… I think there is no limit to how much you can appreciate life. Thanks for the podcast. Finally, you mentioned the Christmas music with the warpath promo, it was awesome! Well done!

  2. Fark this is dark. Tough listen. I needed to do break it up into sections.

    This is a stark example of Man’s capacity for evil.

    Shameful that politics prevented this evil from being unpunished.

  3. Jocko, Echo –

    Thank you for producing such great content! I’m excited to learn and continue to learn about the history of the world.

    I have had trouble navigating the website, could you make a couple suggestions to your web developers?
    -I think it would be useful to have a link to the episode itself from the “Books from Episodes” section.
    -I get a little impatient with the episode listing as well. Is it possible to have all the episodes on a single page? I have utilized the search function but I think it would be a better interface to have it scroll through on a single page.

    Other than that, please continue producing more great episodes! I have a few requests for guests if you’re accepting and open to listening: Joe Rogan, Eddie Bravo, any of the Gracie’s, any of the Machado’s, and Chris Haueter,

    If you get a chance, borrow/preview the book Zen Guitar.

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