136: War and Madness. “He Was No Coward.”

0:00:00 ? Opening

0:16:54 – “He Was No Coward”, by Janet Booth and James White.

1:25:28 ? Final Thoughts and Take-aways.

1:34:28 ? Support.

2:09:59 ? Closing Gratitude.


4 thoughts on “136: War and Madness. “He Was No Coward.””

  1. Is it ok to romanticize war? Does it help those who have family in war? Does it help those who are in war or going to war? Just heard a song by trace Adkins, “till the last shots fired”. It moved me for some reason. Does romanticizing war desensitize it for what it actually is? Or is it the building block of patriotism and love of country? Just a thought .

  2. This was the first Jocko podcast that I’ve listened to, being that I’ve known of Jocko for a while, I’m angry that it took me this long to listen. Loved it. I mean, as much as you can love hearing about the struggles of WWI. Sucks it took until 2006 to have Harry’s name cleared, but it’s good to know it happened.

  3. Wilfred Owen is the most descriptive of the World War One poets. Dulche Et Decorum Est is very interesting in its ability to bring the picture to my mind.

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