One thought on “139: Whatever Darkness You Face, START WALKING. (The Bataan Death March)”A Soldier’s Journal”, James Bollich”

  1. Jocko,
    I’m sure you receive messages like this all the time, but I figured I would send you another to express my gratitude. I’m a 19 year old from California who always planned on enlisting in the US Army. I’ve always been a pretty out of shape guy, but after discovering you about 5 months ago, I have transformed my life. I have began waking up early (I get home from work around 2-3 am, so 9am is early for me) and run 2-3 miles and do a push up/sit up routine. Around noon I go to the gym and bust ass for 2 hours. You have inspired me to not settle. I have always wanted to go infantry, but now I am set on the Rangers. I want an even greater challenge. I want to be better. I scored a 97 on my practice ASVAB, and I plan on enlisting this December once I have my family situation settled. Thank you Jocko.


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