3 thoughts on “139: Whatever Darkness You Face, START WALKING. (The Bataan Death March)”A Soldier’s Journal”, James Bollich”

  1. Jocko,
    I’m sure you receive messages like this all the time, but I figured I would send you another to express my gratitude. I’m a 19 year old from California who always planned on enlisting in the US Army. I’ve always been a pretty out of shape guy, but after discovering you about 5 months ago, I have transformed my life. I have began waking up early (I get home from work around 2-3 am, so 9am is early for me) and run 2-3 miles and do a push up/sit up routine. Around noon I go to the gym and bust ass for 2 hours. You have inspired me to not settle. I have always wanted to go infantry, but now I am set on the Rangers. I want an even greater challenge. I want to be better. I scored a 97 on my practice ASVAB, and I plan on enlisting this December once I have my family situation settled. Thank you Jocko.


  2. I can’t say I liked this podcast but I thought it was important. There is a disturbing trend currently to ‘refashion’ history to make it more pallatable to our current mindset. Therefore the atrocities committed by the Imperial Japanese Army have been swept under the rug and almost forgotten or are unknown. The 9 million people that the Japanese murdered in creating the Imperial Japanese Empire must not be forgotten or relegated to a meaningless footnote. It must be fully acknowleged by the Japanese people as part of their legasy to history (it has not), as the Germans have done. And mankind must acknowledge it as a part of human history without the fear of being accused of unearthing the unpleasant past for no other reason than to insult the Japanese people.

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