144: We Lie To Ourselves. An Interview with Col. David Hackworth.

0:00:00 – Opening

0:02:23 – PBS Interview with Col. David Hackworth.

1:31:01 – Final thoughts and take-aways.

1:36:24 – How to Stay on the Path / Support.

2:20:12 – Closing Gratitude.


2 thoughts on “144: We Lie To Ourselves. An Interview with Col. David Hackworth.”

  1. “If you don’t like something, don’t snivel or whimper about it. Sound off – express your views – be prepared for the consequences.” – Colonel David H. Hackworth (U.S. Army, Ret.)

  2. 14 years ago, I had a kid that did “door to door” sales. He was selling a Kirby Vacuum. I was in the market for a vacuum so I had the kid give the presentation. I was going to buy it anyway. But, I used to be in sales and I wanted to critique him. I think I shocked him. I bought the vacuum and then gave him the critique with pointers on how to improve his presentation. The kid was grateful. He actually followed up with me and thanked me for spending time to improve the way he spoke. The one and ONLY time I bought from a door to door salesperson. LOL!!!

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