145: What We Can Learn From The Principles of War From the US, Soviets, and Other Military Forces. FM FM 6-4.

0:00:00 – Opening

0:02:31 – Marine Rifle Company Manual: The Principles of War.

0:55:40 – Principles of War from The USSR and other countries.

1:33:15 – Jocko’s NEW Book, “Mikey And The Dragons”

1:47:04 – How to Stay On THE PATH / Support.

2:22:27 – Closing Gratitude.


6 thoughts on “145: What We Can Learn From The Principles of War From the US, Soviets, and Other Military Forces. FM FM 6-4.”

  1. You should consider doing an interview / podcast with John Farnam. John is a retired marine, and Vietnam vet. He teaches armed self-defense to law enforcement, military, government types, and law abiding citizens. He’s a hoot to talk to, and would make some interesting contributions to your podcast.

    Second, you could do a podcast on how to actually DO a podcast. How you prepare, how do you record / edit, etc. The equipment is the easy part. How you actually produce the content is the thing that would be interesting.

  2. Cool to see a detached study of foreign militaries, would love to see more of that!

    Success is a pattern, and it doesn’t come wrapped in the flag of any one nation on Earth. Detach and study the patterns…

    May I suggest:

    Erwin Rommel – Infantry Attacks

    Martin van Creveld – Command in War

    Osprey Publishing – Italian Arditi

    Adolf von Schell – Battle Leadership

  3. MOLK -For when you Get After It….or just need a little something that tastes good to wash down your steak.

    I’m halfway into Discipline Equals Freedom FM.
    Just preread Way of Warrior Kid (before passing on to my 10 and 8yr olds) so we can talk about it.
    Extreme Ownership arrived yesterday… with Marc’s Mission, MOLK, a set of wood rings and some White Tea.
    -and just preordered Mikey for my 5 yr old…as well as The Dichotomy of Leadership.

    Thanks for all you guys do. Keep up the good work boys!

  4. Hey, Sir!

    I was listening to your podcast (145) about the principals of war for a USMC Fire Team. I was curious if you had the regulation number so that way I may do some personal reading for my own JROTC development?


  5. Good morning. Heard you on the Ben Shapiro podcast and was impressed. Read half of the Way of the Warrior Kid to the kids last night and they loved it (ages 4, 5, 7 and 8). Also pre-ordered your new book. Keep up the great work.

    Not sure if you have covered this in a podcast but curious on your take for Kempo vs JJ for kids. What is best at what ages / stages? I know you are advocating JJ for kids but do you start with the Kempo and work up? Do you need a specific JJ class or does the sparring class in Kempo suffice? This is new to me and not even sure if my questions make sense. I would appreciate any help you can give. Our kids are doing 4 classes a week in a Kempo program and they love it. It is great to see the progress over just 8 months.

  6. Hi Jocko and Echo,

    I really enjoyed this episode, particularly the part about the Soviets.

    I was reminded of a book I read long ago by a former Soviet Army Captain named Viktor Suvorov. “Inside the Soviet Army”. Jocko, if you haven’t read it, do. It’s very fascinating and, based on comments from friends of mine who served in branches of the Soviet military, very accurate.

    The take away from the book that remains with me to this day is that it was Soviet military policy to, in the future event of war with the USA, to launch all their nuclear weapons at once. There were two reasons for this: 1) it’s a very effective way to destroy your enemy and win, and 2) the Soviet leaders realized that upwards of 75% of the people would defect immediately at the start of war, and therefore if you destroy the enemies territory there’s no where for them to go. This is thinking no doubt fueled by copious amounts of vodka (which Suvorov goes into detail about), but also thinking which reflects the practical reality of a people suffering (even at the highest levels) under a doomed political system.

    I hope you enjoy the book. And by the way, thanks for the recommend of Hackworth’s About Face. I’m reading it now and it’s truly excellent.

    Thanks for your podcasts!


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