147: How to Build a Relationship with Your boss. Politics. How to Disagree Up the Chain.

0:00:00 – Opening
0:02:50 – Tips for good decision making
0:15:31 – How to practice “normal face”
0:33:50 – Dealing with people who don’t deliver as promised.
0:31:09 – Feelings on covering Politics and Current Events.
0:46:11 – How to break past a Jiu Jitsu plateau.
0:54:13 – How to build a relationship with a boss who is distant.
1:00:53 – Dealing with a stubborn boss with a junk plan.
1:07:17 – How to disagree up the chain of command.
1:13:38 – Overbearing Extreme Ownership.
1:22:39 – Dealing with being gun-shy and hesitant after something goes wrong.

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