155: Jordan Peterson and Jocko VS Evil. Cannibal Island. The Gulag.

0:00:00 – Opening: Cannibal Island, by Nicolas Werth

0:07:32 – Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Jocko VS. Evil

1:36:35 – Support: How to Stay on the Path

1:57:09 – Closing Gratitude.


5 thoughts on “155: Jordan Peterson and Jocko VS Evil. Cannibal Island. The Gulag.”

  1. This podcast will not play, it is in a perpetual buffering state. I’ve tried a few different apps and same problem on all of them, definitely the file that has an error. Even more, all the other episodes work.

    Just an FYI in case you didn’t know, thank you.

    Love your books and podcasts, I always learn something.

  2. Wild! The first two audio books I ever bought were 12 rules for life and Extreme Ownership, back in February 2018. I knew of Jordan, but knew nothing about Jocko. Actually EO was a recommended title after purchasing 12 rules. Then back in September my brother in law told me about Jocko podcast. I was hooked and started at the beginning and listened to every episode in order, 2,3,4 podcasts a day. I finally reached the latest episode today and I feel like I have endured a Vulcan mind meld. When I get to this one with Dr. Peterson it really felt like everything came full circle. You ever get the feeling like you’re exactly where you should be, doing exactly what you should be doing? Thanks for sharing your knowledge, thanks for your service, and thanks for showing me THE PATH! BTW, my kids love uncle Jake and we are waiting with great anticipation for our copy of Mikey and the Dragons! Keeps crushing it bros!

  3. I just finished this podcast today. Very powerful, as are all of your podcasts with Jordan Peterson. The insights into humanity and what humans are capable of is thought provoking. It is truly scary, as Mr. Peterson states, that some of these ideologies are starting to creep their way into Western Civilization. As if these atrocities against humanity are not relevant. Keep up the deep, insightful podcasts. again, very powerful.

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