160: Live in NYC. Humbled and Mystified.

0:00:00 – Opening: A Letter to Seth Stone.

0:42:31 – Rough transition to Q and A.

1:34:51 – Q and A from the Audience.

2:19:08 – Closing.


4 thoughts on “160: Live in NYC. Humbled and Mystified.”

  1. Hey bud, Law Olivier here. I’ve read a few of your books and first off, you have some killer insights and I draw from them daily.
    Second off, I’ve been wanting to implement 15 minutes in the morning dedicated to prepping my mind for the day while I down some breakfast. Maximizing time, you get it.
    This morning, I decided to check out some podcasts/episodes on YouTube, I found none of them were captioned.
    As a man who’s grown up being a target for weaker minded individuals and an underdog due to my disadvantage (born deaf as a rock), I’ve taken my entire spectrum of experiences over the years to continually push myself further and harder then others – some out of necessity, some out of pure spite.
    Sparing you the life story, its worked well so far, but still looking to move to the next level, as usual. Being human, I still need a push sometimes and a reinforcing supplement – if you will- for the mornings.
    If you’d find a way to get some captions for your podcasts/episodes, you’d have an extra viewer, and his appreciation!

    Thanks brother,

    P.S. Another “thank you” for all you’ve done and sacrificed for our great nation, sir. It’s an honor to have you on our side.

  2. Wow! That introduction moved me to tears. Thank you for sharing your deepest thoughts. Love the podcast keep up the great work.

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