161: Machiavellian Leadership: Myth VS Reality, with “The Prince”

0:00:00 – Opening: Richard III

0:09:04 – The Prince, by Niccolo Machiavelli

2:07:05 – Final thoughts and take-aways.

2:14:24 – Support: How to stay on THE PATH.

2:40:46 – Closing Gratitude.


2 thoughts on “161: Machiavellian Leadership: Myth VS Reality, with “The Prince””

  1. OK, here’s my feedback: ‘The Prince’ is marvelous advice for would-be tyrants. This is where gulags come from–those who will murder, lie, and commit horrible injustice all in the service of a ‘greater good’. )In Machiavelli’s case, it’s Italian independence, but it could just as well be ideological purity.)

    Perhaps this would be excusable toward enemies intent on killing you or others (one doesn’t owe the Gestapo the truth) but it is destructive guidance for leaders.

    Would anyone seriously want to work for someone who practiced what Machiavelli suggests? Appear to be honest but don’t really be honest. Appear to value your people, but don’t really value them. Do the right thing when you can, but lie, steal, cheat–whatever it takes to win–if you have to. This is not a leader whose word could ever be trusted.

    Machiavelli’s ‘Prince’ is poison for anyone seeking to lead with integrity. I highly respect ‘EO’ and ‘Dichotomy’ (I’m reading EO with my admin team), but ‘The Prince’ operates on entirely different principles.

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