168: More Important Lessons on War, Leadership, and Life, w/ SEAL Master Chief, Jason Gardner, Pt.2

0:00:00 – Opening

0:02:14 – Jason Gardner, cont.

2:33:13 – Support: How to stay on THE PATH.

2:59:32 – Closing Gratitude.


5 thoughts on “168: More Important Lessons on War, Leadership, and Life, w/ SEAL Master Chief, Jason Gardner, Pt.2”

  1. It’s interesting how some stories reach home more than others…Jason’s passion and openness was truly inspiring. I especially liked his thoughts on what happened when he returned home and the difficulties he faced. My girlfriend is a pediatric surgeon, working with very sick children everyday. I feel like what she faces is similar to Jason’s experiences on a mental level as she watches kids live and die daily, and having to internally deal with that nightly when returning home. I’ve been in the Marines for 15 years and our deployments last and end 6-9 months later and it’s interesting to think about some men and women in the medical field who deal with this every day for years and years. Her sleep habits and other ‘sleep aid’ habits are almost identical to Jason’s when he returned. I’d be very interested to listen to more episodes on this topic with potential methods to move forward. As always, much respect for what you do and I really enjoy this podcast!

  2. Superb podcast. Really enjoyed Jason and his attitude about … everything. It’s very cool that he can now be at Echelon Front. Question: What is an “offset target?”

  3. Jocko awesome podcast, as usual. Mr. Gardner mentions late in the podcast about getting his diet/eating back in order. Mr. Gardner mentions a person who helped him or a book he read to get his diet in order. Could you please tell me who this person was or what the book was? Thank You. Scott

  4. Like always, you deliver!

    Podcast 167 / 168 with w/SEAL Master Chief Jason Gardner was absolutely Awesome! I deployed as a Marine CH46E helicopter Crewchief, with HMM-161 onboard the USS Essex, 13 MEU, West Pac 1994/1995. The USS Ogden was at our side the whole time, we picked up and dropped off almost daily from that deck. We spent several weeks operating in and around Mogadishu International Airport while supporting Operation United Shield. There was some action to be had, and although we were all hoping to “Get Some”, only a few got lucky. Awesome to relive some of the best days of my life here, you bring back great memories! I was Aircraft 04 Buo No157715 with Pinhead painted on my aircraft armor plate at the door (until instructed to remove him) and “Eat The Weak” (I was such a kid) painted on the interior plate just inside the main door, there is a chance I gave Jason a lift, and proud to think it possible! Thanks again for the leadership, mentorship, and great life lessons Jocko, Echo Charles, and Master Chief Jason Gardner! Never Forget! SF, Ben.

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