184: Getting Over Severe Abuse. How to Build Relationships as an Introvert. How to Control the “Cowboy” Mentality. Chronic Complainers.

0:00:00 – Opening

0:00:18 – How to build relationships being an introvert.

0:04:28 – How to lead a person with a “Cowboy” mentality or behavior.

0:14:29 – How to handle chronic complainers.

0:23:10 – Changing your mind on important issues.

0:35:58 – How do you detach when you’re being personally attacked?

0:43:50 -What if you get fired after you take ownership of mistakes?

0:51:44 – Mistakes made in the past.

1:08:54 – Are you GETTING AFTER IT too hard?

1:34:24 – How to balance a dangerous job with protecting and providing for family.

1:42:55 – Getting over sexual abuse.

1:58:30 – SUPPORT: How to stay on THE PATH.

2:14:22 – Closing Gratitude.


2 thoughts on “184: Getting Over Severe Abuse. How to Build Relationships as an Introvert. How to Control the “Cowboy” Mentality. Chronic Complainers.”

  1. Hope you had an Amazing Independence Day. Just wanted to let you know I love listening to you. I listen all day when I am at work. I am Glad I was just introduced. Because I can go Back and listen to the old ones the whole time I’m at work. thank you.

  2. This is for the person who sent in that last question about the abuse.

    “She convinced me to reach out to my foster parents, and I did, and it was a total disaster […]. I had a moment to confront this monster, and failed.”

    This was not your failure. This was the result of someone who, with good intentions, felt the only thing you should do is literally “face your fear”. It’s advice from someone who’s heard of the term “exposure therapy” without knowing what it actually means.

    This is not your failure. You have not failed sir.

    “Recently the past has come back with a vengeance. I can’t get through a short time, maybe an hour or two, without thinking about the past, and my failure. The only time I have peace is when I absolutely destroy myself working out. I consider it punishing myself and feel better when I do it. How can I stop this or at least manage it better?”

    You’re doing the right things. But there’s always more to consider. Please consider seeking therapy or speaking with a professional about the things you contend with. An injury is an injury. If you’re injured, you should treat that injury. This counts.

    Try speaking to multiple professionals to find someone who you feel you can get along with. It can be a bit of work, but to relieve this pain to someone who is professionally unbiased, can be quite helpful in itself. There are some who are trained specifically to help law enforcement individuals and also specialize with the things you are contending with.

    To add to Jocko and Echo’s points, this is not a failure, and this was never your failure. Those things should have never happened to you, but what you’re doing now – getting up every day, helping people out, and stopping bad people…these are signs of strength and perseverance.

    Stay strong sir. Good luck, and please take care.

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