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157: When to Play The Game, When to Break The Rules. Ultimatums. Making Co-workers’ Shape Up. Coping with Loss.

0:00:00 – Opening

0:09:48 – How to “play the game” but also break rules when needed.

0:22:00 – How to get better with taking smack talk among friends.

0:30:44 – Dealing with ultimatums.

0:38:18 – Dealing with family not being disciplined when you are.

0:50:08 – Expressing yourself vs. Normal Face.

0:57:15 – How to show co-workers they should have UNMITIGATED DISCIPLINE IN ALL THINGS.

1:09:24 – Seeking council with others while leading.

1:22:25 – How to deal with getting overwhelmed as a leader.

1:29:58 – How to deal with the loss of a child.

1:51:43 – Support: How to Stay On The Path.

2:10:29 – Closing Gratitude.