174: Set Standards. Aspire to Achieve Them. Become an Eminently Qualified Human

0:00:00 – Opening

0:24:33 – Marine Corps Fitness Report

1:11:10 – Final Thoughts and Take-aways.

1:37:26 – Support: How to Stay On The Path.

1:53:57 – Closing Gratitude.

36 thoughts on “174: Set Standards. Aspire to Achieve Them. Become an Eminently Qualified Human”

  1. Props on the podcast. Excellent material and something I want to add to my life. Look forward to the Human Being Fitness Report.

    1. HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE EPISODE! What a great standard to measure one’s self by. STOKED! Thank you Jocko.

  2. Can’t wait for the Human Being protocol from Jocko & Dave “Good Deal” Berke great podcast as always thanks gents.

    1. Great add but this form tracks the Marines fit rep procedure. I still haven’t found the form that references the Navy Seal form that includes the form discussed at 11:40, the “Evaluation Form” definition for a 5.0 sailor, leader, human being. Professional Knowledge – Recognized expert…

  3. Great job on this episode! I was just curious if there was a link to the Marine Corps document you used that had the evaluation criteria on it? I want to print it off and use it in my day to day life. Thanks so much for your great podcast!!

  4. Jocko, great point on defining an eminently qualifies human.
    Please consider a show where you and Ben Shapiro work to define the criteria for the eminently qualified human. It would be stunning

  5. Jocko, this was great. Where can I get a copy of the Marine Corps grading system you were reading off, and also, the Christmas tree picture with “eminently qualified marine” at the top?

  6. I have been following Jocko’s work for quite some time now. I’ve found that many podcasts are about the army or war and I didn’t relate much. But this episode has been one of the best ever. Setting standards for yourself is so important in life, you can’t reach anywhere unless you have some standards and have small goals in between to help you achieve those higher standards. This helped me a lot. Thanks Jocko, keep working hard!

    Also I found a great speech on leadership by Indian Field Marshal Sam Maneckshaw which is very interesting.


  7. Fantastic episode. I immediately created a google sheet with 7 areas to score myself 0-5 on the daily. Used conditional formatting to provide color coding of scores and made a daily average. I retroactively scored Saturday and Sunday and the color coding immediately made me want to do better. Distilling each day in to a few key performance indicators and using a simple 0-5 score seems like it will be an effective way to stay (or get) on track.

  8. Thank you both for the work that you did in this podcast. It was special and I gained alot from listening to it.

  9. Jocko mentioned adapting the evaluation form for a Human Being Protocol. Was that a passing comment or are there plans to put that in development?

    If so, do you need help? Looking to tune it for a staff evaluation form for my Chick-fil-A restaurant.

  10. A very insightful and useful episode, kudos. Got an ETA for the beta human evaluation form? Looking forward to it.

  11. Good evening… By far one of my favorite podcasts: it was inspiring, motivating, and convicting. I often take detailed notes and outlines of the best podcasts to study and review; serving as solid guidelines for my own life. Podcast 174 has earned and “qualified” the top position on my personal favorite list; I will immediately begin implementing this content into my daily life. Thanks Jocko and Echo!

  12. I just listed to this podcast. I was trying to find out if Jocko’s daily scoring system has been released into the wild. I haven’t been able to find it and was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction.

  13. I know some time has passed since this podcast but it was discussed that Jocko would be working on a “Human Being” Evaluation form. Has this been done? If not, I feel it would be extremely useful. I was speaking to members of my team today and encouraged listening to this podcast. Thank you all and keep up the excellent work.

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