50: With Tim Ferriss – Darkness & How to Stay on the Path, Last Days of Life & What to Do, Back-up Plans, Misconceptions


0:00:00 – Opening

0:03:57 – Tim Ferriss Introduction

0:09:50 – Some Practical Thoughts on Suicide” from Tim Ferriss’s new book, “Tools of Titans”

1:15:08 – Tims additional thoughts on getting out of the Darkness

1:L16:41 – How to Stay on the Path and not get distracted.

1:30:31 – Always searching instead of enjoying what you have.

1:36:51 – Is there a Job that would NEVER be outsourced?

1:40:22 – What would Tim do if he were to die in 18 months?

1:44:21 – Helpful Relaxation Activities

1:50:54 – Work that is relaxing and therapeutic .

1:56:48 – Back Up Plans?

2:02:26 – Biggest misconceptions about Tim Ferriss

2:06:23 – Falling short in leadership.

2:19:34 – Entrepreneurship, the “cool” thing.  Tims peeves.  Posers, fakers, and being an entitles rookie.

2:32:11 – Cool Internet, Onnit,  and Jocko Store stuff

2:36:57 – Extreme Ownership Muster 2

2:37:50 – Closing

11 thoughts on “50: With Tim Ferriss – Darkness & How to Stay on the Path, Last Days of Life & What to Do, Back-up Plans, Misconceptions”

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  2. Jocko & Echo. Would you consider paying $130 monthly for Jiu jitsu for you and your family? The only catch is, there is a 1 year contract, I have reservations because during the summer months kids spend time in other sports and I fear they’d burn out between soccer, dance and Jiu jitsu.

  3. A present to Mr Ferriss (and to all listeners) from Mr Séneca himself:

    Letters from a Stoic. Letter LIII

    “(…) Remembering my training as a long-standing devotee of cold baths, I dived into the see in just the way a cold-water addict ought to (…)”

    Séneca 2000+ years ago already used the cold therapies taught by Mr.Ferriss&MrHof!!!


  4. Jocko, I am blown away by this episode. Hard for me to respect Tim anymore that I currently do, but my respect just grew tenfold.

    Frank discussions like this about suicide need to happen more often. It is critical in order to change the way society views and deals with suicide. It is critical to help save lives.

    Thank you so much for this episode. This is for my dear cousin Ron who I lost to suicide this past Christmas morning 2015.

  5. Hey, awesome episode, what was the name of the book you and Tim were raving over at the end? A Japanese book I think…



  6. Jacko, The suicide segment hit home. I tried to take my life in 2012. I left no note looked fine but the circumstances and voices just took over. Thank you for covering this topic.

  7. I too have suffered from severe depression and have had suicidal thoughts. The older I got the worse it got. I am know 51. I don’t know if this will help anyone but mine turned out to be hormonal. My testosterone was too low and my estrogen and progesterone levels too high. I now use TRT and have learned to control my two other levels. As a side note my regular doctor was not willing to help in any way except for prescribing me depression meds.

  8. Funnily enough, I just heard episode 100, then back tracked to this, then realised I am exactly to this point in Tim’s book “Tools of Titans”.
    Very helpful Jocko & Echo!! And of course Tim Ferriss.

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