95: Hardship, Leadership, and Victory. WWII Army Air Forces Pilot, Jim Kunkle. Vietnam Vet/POW, Capt. Charlie Plumb.

0:00:00 – Opening

0:05:09 – Jim Kunkle.  WWII Army Air Forces Fighter Pilot.

0:50:19 – Capt. Charlie Plumb.

0:59:03 – Jim Kunkle gets shot down.

1:10:52 – Jim’s recovery and aftermath.

1:37:51 – Jim and Charlie Link up.

1:46:05 – Additional Thoughts.  Leadership, adversity, and victory.

2:52:001 – Support JockoStore stuff, Origin Brand Apparel, with Jocko White Tea and Psychological Warfare (on iTunes)Extreme Ownership (book)The Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual.

3:03:34 – Closing Gratitude.



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