0:00:00 – Opening

0:04:56 – Working out EVERY DAY?

0:27:31 – What’s better for a 7 y/o boy?  Boxing, or Jiu Jitsu?  And Why?

0:37:12 – How to prepare for Podcasts.  Focus for Max Benefit.

0:46:30 – Inauthentic Extreme Ownership and Excessive Self-Blaming.

0:54:04 – Why Literature is good degree to pursue, and the importance of Language.

1:07:00 – Future Robots Soldiers in the Future.  The Threat Artificial Intelligence.

1:12:56 – Effectiveness of Jocko’s Favorite Submission Holds (Jiu Jitsu).

1:15:04 – Dealing with Push-Back from your team early in the plan.

1:22:28 – Opinions on leadership training West Point and other service Academies.

1:27:39 – Advantages and disadvantages of body types in Special Operations Forces.

1:30:26 – Dealing with emotions and being “hangry” when fasting.

1:44:16 – Difficulty learning Jiu Jitsu VS learning Wrestling.

2:05:42 – Loyalty in marriage to another Service Member.  Loyalty to service vs. loyalty at home.

2:15:43 – Specific places and times to reflect on fallen comrades.

2:22:17 – Support, Cool OnnitJockoStore stuff, with Jocko White Tea and Psychological Warfare (on iTunes). Extreme Ownership (book), (Jocko’s Kids’ Book) Way of the Warrior Kid, and The Muster002

2:44:45 – Closing Gratitude.

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