0:00:00 – Opening. The decisions we make matter.

0:20:13 – Is it better to work a mindless job and make good money?  Or a fulfilling job for less money?

0:32:15 – How to establish and implement Standard operating procedures.

0:35:20 – Balancing THE GRIND and LIFE.

0:47:28 – Too much discipline.  Is that possible?  How?

0:56:15 – What’s the best Jiu Jitsu Style/Game?

1:02:34 – Different Leadership styles.  Effective and ineffective.

1:13:37 – Making the most of life after massive failure or mistakes.

1:19:48 – How to get the team “on board” when they are massively resistant and defensive.

1:26:58 – How to actually implement change when you know it is needed.

1:30:26 – Mikey and the Dragons book.

1:36:05 – How to stay on the PATH.

2:06:21 – Closing Gratitude.